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March 11, 2018

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"If we change nothing, nothing changes" 

I love that saying, and I think it rings true for a lot of people; essentially, if we want to see results (whe...

How to make behaviour change easier

September 12, 2017

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Weekly round up (02.25.18)

February 26, 2018


Rounding up an assortment of my weekly eats, interests and random bits.

A place to share things I have actually enjoyed in real life  




Things to eat:


Mexican green salad from Cookie and Kate


I really enjoyed this salad, the dressing was super yummy and just loved it overall. 


My Adjustments:  

- used sunflower seed butter instead of tahini in the dressing

- used bagged coleslaw mix instead of red cabbage and cauliflower (I'm just lazy and really who can use up a whole red cabbage?)


You could easily add some grilled chicken or black beans for something a little more filling. 




Panko Crusted Salmon from Simply Recipes 


We made this in one of the diabetes cooking classes we are running these days. It's a departure from my usual salmon preparation but we happened to convert a few salmon haters in the class! Definitely worth a try. 


I had this with some asparagus, and a big piece of salmon let me take some cold in a salad for the next days lunch (except I scrapped off the crunchy bits and ate them first, because I would shed a tear if they were to go soggy)





Things to listen to:


This is a short, but amazing, compilation of Jim Carrey's ever famous convocation speech. If you haven't heard it, or even if you have, I would highly recommend giving it a listen, over and over. It seriously gives me the shivers every time, which must be at least a dozen times in the last year. The wisdom in it always hits me. 


Also, these songs (here, here, here and here) have been making me dance up a storm in my kitchen. Double also, if you aren't dancing while cooking, you aren't cooking right.

Just don't use your knives as pseudo-microphones #safetyfirst



Things to read:


Okay, so I read this book last year, not this week. But it's going in here since I can't go back in time.  This doozy of a book is a very eye opening look at how our food is produced - although some of this is changing (the book is circa 2006) and we are miles ahead in Canada. BUT it's a great internal motivator to help guide you towards less processed food. 


This book is a big reason why I have been trying to cook more, garden more, and put thought into where I get my food, especially my meat (which I get here by the way). 



Let me know in the comments below if you try anything out. Or feel free to share something of your own!



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